Dear Class,

Our journey into literature will take you down some paths that you may be familiar with like writing, research, and reading.  Now, you may not like those paths as they are worn paths.  But we will walk down others less traveled that I hope you will find interesting, enlightening, and thought-provoking.  Be mindful that our journey is about reading about life.

Therefore, my blog title, LifeisLiterature, is simply a metaphor for what we will be doing this semester.  That is, to read and study literature as it related to everyday life.  The characters, setting, conflicts, themes that we will encounter and discuss reflect the social, political, economic, and historical movements of the various periods in the world.  The point is to read, reflect, and record your thoughts about the literature you will be introduced to this semester.  We begin with short stories, continue on with poetry, and end with the play Hamlet.

Lifeisliterature is your blog site that is essentially your tool to navigate through the summer session.  The pages cover the components for this course:   syllabus, study guides for the exams, essay assignments, supplemental handouts.

This critical thinking course is to get you to think and work outside of what you did in English 101.  The blog site is to assist you with the class and where you can work independently.

I look forward to a productive spring semester with you!

Professor Carrillo